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SATRA Technical Factory Services - Process control to ensure production quality

Guest Speaker: Mr. Hanks Lei

Mr. Hanks Lei is SATRA Factory Services Manager. Mr. Lei started his career in the footwear industry in the 90’s. Having worked at different footwear companies for more than 25 years including a major footwear brand in the UK, Mr. Lei has developed his expertise in footwear product development, production and most importantly, process and quality control. Prior to joining SATRA, Mr. Lei was a Quality Control and Production Manager.

Mr. Lei joined SATRA in 2020 and he is responsible for serving SATRA members for process re-engineering and quality control.

Seminar Content

SATRA assess the operation process from the raw materials to finished shoes and find out the factors that affect the quality and restrict the production stability. SATRA’s Factory Services Manager Hanks Lei explains how SATRA can help to identify the quality issues and improve them in time by our process control service.

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